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Dependable Service Reasonable Price

Welcome Starkey’s Trash Service

Starkey’s Trash Service is a local family owned business that has been in operation since 1984. People who lived outside of the city limits back then had difficulty in disposing of their trash. Dumpsters were very expensive, so most households chose to burn their trash in barrels. It was then difficult to dispose of the ashes and leftover materials. When Starkey’s Trash Service was started, the goal was to provide a dependable trash service at a reasonable, affordable price.

Starkey’s Trash Service grew rapidly, and was quick to develop weekly trash routes and utilize new technology by purchasing small hydraulic compaction garbage trucks and 95 gallon trash carts. These trucks can pick up and empty the carts, compact, and securely transport over a ton of trash to the local landfill. This provides our clients a safe, cost effective and reliable litter free process of disposing of their trash.

Along with providing the 95 gallon trash carts, we provide wind anchors, as needed. In most cases, the small compactor trucks can back up to your cart’s location, instead of you having to move the heavy cart to the end of the drive way or to the street. These smaller compactor trucks are quieter and lighter than the larger conventional dumpster trucks which can be hard on private roadways and driveways. Another bonus is that you do not have to use plastic bags for all your trash inside the cart, saving you time and money. Contact Starkey’s Trash Service by phone at 806-655-1584 and let our friendly, professional staff provide you with the best, most affordable trash service available.